Slide show: Early Morning in Bharatpur - India; Truck Vendor - Gran Sabana, Venezuela; Sheep Portrait - Mt. Snowdon, Wales; Hammocks on boat - Amazon River, Brazil; Muddy road - Amazonia, Brazil; Waraon girl with child - Orinoco Delta, Venezuela; Irish Couple - Coleraine, Northern Ireland; Porters - Naini Tal, India; Tourists - Kylemore Abbey, Galway, Ireland; Bus seat sign - road to Kashmir, India; At the Wall - East Berlin, Germany; Soldiers - Datia, India; Tibetan Plateau - Trail to Kagbeni, Himalayan Mountains, Nepal; Comando - Amazon River, Brazil; Boy kiln worker - Fustat, Egypt; Factory worker - Grimsby, England; Betel nut kiosk - Delhi, India; Self-portrait , raising funds for upcoming projects - Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

Below, top row from left (desktop order): Banana Carrier - Iquitos, Peru; Street Barber - Varanasi, India; Soldier with boy - Dublin, Ireland; Annapurna scene - Himalayan Mountains, Nepal    All images and music samples copyrighted.   Please contact me for reproduction/performance rights.

One man, one camera, one world. The camera was my warhorse Minolta with my one lens, a 28 - 210 Vivitar telephoto.  Anything else would have been simply too heavy in my travels off the beaten path.

Percussionist, composer, photographer
All images are from my "Travels of an Ignorant Man" TM series.
Above, middle row from left: Shepherd Boy - Heliopolis, Turkey; Street woman - Delhi, India; Woman with Black Bhairab - Kathmandu, Nepal; Old soldier - Budapest, Hungary

Above, bottom row from left: Waraon children - Orinoco Delta, Venezuela; Indian boy - Datia, India; Trash Day in Bad Ischl - Austria; Pelican - Hong Kong