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"Elfenreigen" - Painting by Hans Zatzka

  • Awakening and Call to Dance excerpt2:57

Mr. Galvic has written a number of compositions for solo/ensemble percussion, choral/small orchestra, and full orchestra. His percussion ballet The Three Furies was first performed in a concert setting by the Eastman Percussion Ensemble, and it is listed in the Encyclopedia of Percussion, 2nd Edition (2007) by John Beck (Routledge Publishing) as one of the compositions that has made a “significant contribution to the percussion ensemble literature from its inception until the early twenty-first century.”

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Information about my composition The Three Furies (and excerpts from my new CD) can be found at

Please enjoy a couple excerpts from my new composition Nymph Dances.

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American composer James M. Galvic received his musical training at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he studied percussion under Charles Owen of the Philadelphia Orchestra and Salvatore Rabbio of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. He has performed with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Windsor Symphony Orchestra in Ontario, Canada, amongst other groups, and taught at such institutions as Mount Allison University (New Brunswick, Canada) and the Hartford Conservatory in Hartford, Connecticut. 

Percussionist, composer, photographer

  • Celestial Dance excerpt2:38